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We are building a better, healthier future for our people in Ragusa Province 

Health Network.

Working in a territory of twelve municipalities, the Province of Ragusa is famous worldwide for its beauties and its ancient and historical monuments and fabulous cuisine and wine.

ASP Ragusa


With his about fifty health offices in the territory, ASP Ragusa (Provincial Public Health Authority) with a staff of 3900 employees and a yearly budget of € 500 Mil. is committed to achieve better health for everyone, everywhere for a population of 321.192 citizens which includes a high number of migrants. In fact, the Province is recognized as the gatekeeper in the Mediterranean sea with his hotspots in Pozzallo village, called.

The spot is  well equipped, staffed and organised and it welcomes yearly thousand migrants:


About 12.000


About 4.300


About 800

In addition to the hotspot, ASP Ragusa has six clinics in the area in which approximately 3,600 migrants are assisted each year (source: Asp Ragusa’s immigration office)

In line with the noble principle of universality which distinguishes the Italian Health System, together we strive to combat communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The six hospitals, with their  875 beds provide yearly curative care  to almost 27.000 patients in ordinary hospitalization and 5.402 in day hospital. A number of three Health Centres (called Districts) provide in the territory preventive and rehabilitative services, including vaccination, obstetrics, pediatrics through dedicated ambulatories with a total number of almost 250.000 attendances.

Our services disseminated in the territory help mothers and children survive and thrive so they can look forward to a healthy old age. We ensure the safety of the air people breathe, the food they eat, the water they drink – and the medicines and vaccines they need. We cure and help everybody regardless their provenience, culture or economic status.