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A number of social-healths projects are currently implemented under our leadership for a total estimated budget of euro 26 millions in partnership with high profile institutions.

Here are some of the projects realised by the ASP of Ragusa:


Pastel Project

Exchange of best practices related to the improvement and up skilling of the competences of educators and staff in health contexts

(30.000 total amount)



Health support for returning migrants – vulnerable migrants

(300.000 total amount)


Creation of an Italian-Tunisian platform and network for the control of emerging diseases transmitted by ticks and culicidae (mosquitoes)

(612.8 71 total amount)


Health prevention and promotion 

(4.000.000 total amount)



Integration and Community Care for Asylum and Refugees in Emergency

Financed by E.C.

(2.000.000 total amount)


WE CARE, a project realised between 2020 and 2021 and  born from an inter-institutional collaboration – Prefecture, Provincial Health Authority of Ragusa and IOM . Starting from a survey of needs, it was possible to meet and follow up on the requests of migrants in reception centers and on the territory and of operators.

The “on the job” training of health operators, the continuous dialogue with the territory and institutions, the truly participatory collaboration with IOM staff, have created a network of mobile and effective interventions which result also in more than 407 first doses  of COVID-19 vaccines administered on 513 people received in the various centers of the province.